2021 Registration and Other Information

To register your child for one of our GREAT camping sessions, please email us at camp@venturepartner.ca with a short email to tell us which camp session you are interested in and the age and gender of the children would like to send to our Camp. We then email you back with the link to our new online Camper Registration System.

It only takes about 25 minutes to enter your's and your child's personal information and the other information we need to make your child's Camp expericence as best we possibly can. You can complete your child's online registration on your phone, iPad, other tablet, laptop or desktop computer!

AND, all the information you will want to know about your child's camping session is there on our online Camper Registration website!

Funding and camping spots are limited this summer and on a first come first serve basis - so please get your completed forms in to us ASAP. In the event all our camping spots are filled we will advise you of this and you can keep your child's name on a Stand-By List for cancellations that may come up.

A separate Registration and Camp Session Selection Form must be completed and signed for each child that you are sending to Camp.

If you child or child-in-care is 8-12 years of age they can attend one (1) session at Adventure Camp. For more information on the Adventure Camp program please click on the naviation link Program & Facilities above.

Camp Challenge is a two (2) session program for teens (13-17 years of age). For more information on the Camp Challenge program please click on the naviation link Program & Facilities above.

Rest assured that our Camp staff will do their best to try to meet your choices and you will be subsequently contacted and advised if space is indeed available and for which camping session and location.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Our staff will use the personal information that you provide in the Registration Form only for the purposes for which it was collected and we will not disclose the information for other purposes, except as required by Canadian or Nova Scotia law and except to the Camping Associaton of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (CANSPEI) for the purpose of operating our as an Accredited Camp. All the personal information provided in the Registration Form will be maintained in a secure manner to ensure that its use is limited to the purposes for which it was collected.

Peanut Aware

In order to help protect the health of children who may have a severe allergic reaction to any contact with peanuts, Adventure Camp & Camp Challenge is a PEANUT AWARE CAMP and we strive to restrict peanuts from being at Camp. Please ensure your child or child-in-care does NOT bring any peanuts into our Camp.


Your child or child-in-care will receive breakfast, lunch and supper each day during their stay at Camp. Our daily menu will follow the Canada Food Guide for healthy and nutritious meals. We will also have a daily snack and hydration break both at mid morning, mid afternoon as well as at mid evening. If your child or child-in-care has any special dietary needs you can indicate this on the Registration and Consent Form. We will then contact you and advise you if we can accomodate your child's special dietary needs.

Children's Health and Head Lice Check

We will also conduct a head lice check on all children and teens as they first arrive at the Ferry Terminal. We strongly suggest that immediately before Camp, you have your children's hair cut as short as possible in order to help reduce and eliminate this issue for all campers.This also makes their hair grooming far more manageable in an outdoor camp setting and for swimming. Head lice can be a common health problem for many children. If your child has head lice, we may need to ask you to take your child home and administer the head lice shampoo which can be purchased at any pharmacy. You will need to shampoo your child's hair once and then again in 7 days to successfully complete the treatment. Should this issue arise when you bring your child to sign-in for Camp, we will give you information on the treatment AND, if camping space is available, we will re-book your child for another session so they will not miss their summer camping experience.

We also strongly recommend that you have a general health check for your child before they come to camp - this will ensure they do not come to Camp sick and hence cannot enjoy their full camping experience.

Behaviour at Camp

Our fundamental behaviour policy for all campers and all staff is RESPECT & COURTESY - Respect for Yourself, Respect for Others and Respect for Nature

If your child or child-in-care causes a safety concern for themselves and/or their fellow campers and/or the Camp staff or if your child's behaviour is not manageable and they will not listen to our Camp staff, we will call you to come and pick-up and take home your child.

In the case of Nova Scotia children, we will bring your child or child-in-care to the Ferry Terminal at Wood Islands PEI for you to come there and pick them up. In this event, you can park your car at the Ferry Terminal side parking lot in Caribou and then walk onto the Ferry. We will meet you at the exit ramp from the Ferry when the Ferry arrives at Woods Island. Then you can immediately re-board the Ferry for the return trip.

In the case of PEI children who have to go home due to behavouir issues, when we call you, you will have to come immedialtey to the Camp and pick them up.

However, rest assured we will make our best efforts to try to overcome your child's behaviour issues and try to encourage them to behave better so they can enjoy their full camp experience over the entire course of their camp session.


Many parents worry that their children will be homesick at camp, particularly if this is the first time your child has been to camp. However, if they do become homesick there is a good chance that our Camp staff can overcome the problem and most children make the transition to “camp life” relatively easily and happily - indeed by the end of camp most of our campers want to stay longer!

Here are a few suggestions for you to help your child prepare for camp:

If your child has never slept away from home, arrange a trial weekend at a friend's or grandparents' house.

Make Camp as familiar as possible. Together with your child, visit our Camp's web site and together watch our video from last summer, look at all the pictures and talk about all the great things they will have the chance to do and all the fun they will have.

Make a list of your camper's questions about the food, sleeping accommodation, tent arrangements, washroom facilities or any aspect of the camp and its program. Then you or your child can call (902-220-3280) or email (camp@venturepartner.ca) for your answers.

Involve your child in packing and getting ready for camp. Ask your child if she or he wants to pack a picture of the family and/or the family pet.

Please try to resist calling the Camp phone number 902-220-3280, just to check in on your child. We need to keep the line open as much as possible. Some parents actually find "camp week" far more difficult and stressful than their children. Try not to worry - most likely your child is having a really great time!

Our Policy is NOT to allow any calls home for the first 2 nights of Camp. If after 2 nights your child is still homesick, then we will allow your child to call you and your and your child can make a decession if you will come to the Camp to pick-up and take your child home.

Kit List - The Things Your Child Needs to Bring to Camp

The following is the Kit List of the clothes and personal items that your child or child-in-care needs to bring to Camp - or you can download a PDF of the Kit List by clicking here.

Please mark each item clearly with your child's name using a waterproof marker.

1. The Medications that your child may require for the week while they are at camp.

2. Personal Clothes and Personal Hygiene Items:

  • Warm/long-sleeved shirt (1)
  • Pants (jeans or similar) (1)
  • Shorts(2)
  • T-shirts (4-6)
  • Socks (6-10)
  • Underwear (7)
  • Heavy sweater (1)
  • Comfortable sneakers or play shoes - ideally 2 pairs
  • Hat or cap for sun (preferably a wide brimmed "bush" style hat)
  • Light jacket
  • Warm Pajamas
  • Swim suit (one piece for girls) - ideally 2 swim suits
  • Sandals with straps (preferably no flip flops) for relaxing in your tent or cabin
  • Rain-coat / rain-pants or a poncho
  • Rubber boots
  • Beach footwear (i.e. Crocs)
  • Large Beach Towels (2)
  • Hand soap (in container)
  • Wash cloth
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Brush / comb

3. Sleeping & Night Time Needs:

  • Pillow
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping air mattress or sleeping pad
  • Flash light

If you do not have a sleeping bag, or a sleeping air mattress or a sleeping pad for your child please do not worry - we can supply them for your child's use during their camp session. All you have to do is indicate on the Registration Form that you will need these items supplied.

4. Other Necessities:

  • Their school backpack (for day hikes)
  • Personal water bottle / container
  • Sunscreen lotion (not aerosol)
  • Sunglasses
  • Pump / lotion Bug Repellent (not aerosol)
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Night time reading book (if your child or ward would like)

Please note that while we will do our best to try to make sure your child or ward brings back all their clothes and personal items our Camp staff and workers are NOT responsible for any of your child'spersonal effects.

The following items should NOT be taken to Camp by your child:

  • cell phones,
  • iPods / mp3 players
  • hand held electronic games
  • laptops or iPads
  • perfumes
  • cosmetic lipstick or gloss - however a lip balm or moisturizer with sunscreen is recommended
  • jewelry
  • knives or weapons of any kind
  • firecrackers or flammable materials or liquids or lighters or matches
  • aerosol containers of any kind - in the case of bug and mosquito repellent, please send a liquid or cream

If these items are brought to Camp they will be taken away by our Camp staff. While we will endeavour to safely keep them and return them to you and/or your child at the end of camp, we are not responsible for their loss or damage.

There is no need for your child to bring money, which may be lost or stolen, as all their food and snacks are provided and there is no store or canteen on the Camp property.

To help make our Camp a safe and fun place for all the children, cigarettes, tobacco, chewing tobacco, recreational drugs, alcohol and knives are strictly forbidden at Camp. If we find recreational drugs, illegal substances, alcohol, knives or a weapon of any kind with your child or child-in-care, the RCMP may be called in to help assure the safety of all campers and staff and to investigate and take possession of these items AND your child or child-in-care will be promptly sent home for the safety of themselves and all the other campers.


Adventure Camp Challenge is an Accredited Camp by:

  • the Camping Association of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island canspei.ca
  • the Canadian Camping Association ccamping.org