Our Camp imagines and creates fun experiential learning and personal developmental opportunities which are transformational for our Campers and Staff.
Our Camp's small group team based activity program seeks to empower our Campers as healthy, vibrant, confident and independent persons, who are socially responsible and striving to improve our communities.

Our Camp "provides the unique setting, the ideal locale for all these things to be accomplished — and that all are possible in a good camp program."

Our Camp is exceptionally well envisioned and expressed in the following:

Fred V. Rogers, 1960

I BELIEVE ... that all children should have an opportunity to live in the out-of-doors; to cook out, sleep out, “pioneer and conquer” the wilderness; to catch, clean, cook and eat a fish; to sit with pals around a fire as night closes in; to defy the elements; to paddle a canoe; to vision tomorrow from the top of a mountain and hear the sounds and symphony of the woods. To know what it means to live comfortably in a group, and feel the glow of friendship and fellowship: to be wanted and needed, and share, cooperate and give as well as receive; to experience living in a democratic community, and be included in the plans and be one of the planners; to have a chance to work and see the fruits of labor; to successfully conquer frustration from failure and feel pride from personal success.

I BELIEVE … that youth should know more about their natural surroundings and the interrelationship of all living things; see wild life in its natural habitat; wonder at the marvels of God’s creation and find fun in the simple way of life; live in an atmosphere free from pressures and tensions; climb a tree and build a tree house hut or fort.

I BELIEVE … a child should know good communication and relationship with an adult who can be idealized, admired and respected; who has the time to be helpful, patient and understanding; who will help them find excellence in skill and confidence through accomplishment; who recognizes them as an individual in a world of conformists; who will grant the freedom to experiment, to make decisions—for who can resolve big problems without experience in solving little ones?

I BELIEVE … that happy, carefree days are a heritage of youth, as is the right to worship; and that through normal growth and such association will come lasting faith in one’s self, country and God.

I BELIEVE … that a camp provides the unique setting, the ideal locale for all these things to be accomplished—and that all are possible in a good camp program—so,



Our Camp is:

  • As safe and supportive an environment as we can best make.

  • Child and youth centered in all our programming and activities.

  • Focused on creatively imagining and developing experiential learning opportunities for our youth campers and staff which have the ability to positively transform their lives and their relationships with others.

  • Incorporates age appropriate leadership development and team building in all aspects of our Camp program.

  • A positive and constructive environment that fosters mutuality in all our personal relationships. This is reflected in our fundamental belief in the importance of Respect - Respect for Yourself, Respect for the Other and Respect for Nature.

  • Holistic in that our Camp program is sensitive to and nurtures the physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual needs of our youth camper and staff.

  • Inclusive and welcoming to all people, and

  • Embraces and celebrates and the cultural, ethnic and spiritual differences of our youth campers and staff.

  • Engages our youth campers not only as participants but also as planners and evaluators of their Camp activities and experience. We strive for strong parental and guardian engagement in planning for their child’s time at Camp and we will strive to meet their needs and expectations.

  • Committed to openness, honesty and transparency in all our day to day management activities and in all our communications and reporting to the parents and guardians of our youth campers and all our stakeholders.

  • Accessible for as many as possible by making our Not for Profit Camp experience possible through the support and funding sponsorship of all our stakeholders and sponsors.

  • Helpful to and supports community development because we believe that our communities will be better places as a result of the learning and social development that our youth campers and staff receive while they are at Our Camp.


Adventure Camp Challenge is an Accredited Camp by:

The Camping Association of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island canspei.ca
The Canadian Camping Association ccamping.org