Our Camp's Healthy Eating Policy

As as Accredited Camp, by the Camping Association of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island, Adventure Camp Challenge follows all the Association's standards for all mandatory requirements in food service meal planning, preparation and clean-up. This includes our commitment to follow Canada’s Food Guide in our menu plan for each of the 6 days for each of our camping sessions.

Our Camp also prepares and serves foods in accordance with food safety standards guidelines as outlined by the Health Protection Act of the Nova Scotia and the Health Protection Act of Prince Edward Island.

Our Camp will also follow the NS Department of Health & Wellness Heathy Eating Guidelines and follow their phased plan to move the majority of food choices available at our Camp to food and beverages of Maximum Nutrition category, recognizing that they are more nutritious than those of Moderate Nutrition.

Our Camp does not currently have nor will we ever use a deep fat fryer to prepare food.

Our Camp will not offer or use food as a reinforcer or incentive or withhold food from campers as a consequence of their non appropriate behaviour.

Our Camp will serve appropriate portions of food and beverages and use Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating for information related to portion sizes.

Our Camp will ensure that campers are aware of the importance of hand washing and will ensure campers have the opportunity to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer before consuming meals.


Adventure Camp and Camp Challenge are members of

The Camping Association of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island (www.campingns.ca)

The Canadian Camping Association (www.ccamping.org)

Recreation Nova Scotia (www.recreationns.ns.ca)